THE END of Curse of Strahd

I managed to recap the first three sessions of my Curse of Strahd campaign before abandoning the concept completely. Although I didn't record the entire campaign my group did play it through to the bitter end. Want to read all about it? Over 9 months, we managed to play a whopping 22 sessions averaging 3... Continue Reading →

Curse of Strahd: session 3 recap

Day 2 in the land of Barovia. We find our PCs in the village of Barovia just about to leave the tavern with their new acquaintance Ismark and head to his family home at the end of the street. Daleynnn is still missing but our PCs are (finally) aware that she is gone.

Curse of Strahd: session 2 recap

We last left the PCs on the road at the edge of Barovia with an awful smell filling their noses. What will they find in the land of Barovia this session?

Session 0: What’s the Point?

A Session 0 is key for having a successful and enjoyable Dungeons & Dragons campaign. Here are a few tips to manage group expectations and set your players up for success.

How many sides does this one have?

My journey with Dungeons and Dragons spans a decade but I only really took a strong interest in playing and DMing over the past year. Maybe you can relate to this, too?

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